Financial Aid

Don't let finances determine your theological education.

We want students at the School of Theology to be focused on study, service, and prayer, not worrying about finances. Therefore, our commitment to educating and forming a generation of leaders to serve the church free from the burden of student debt is key. Here's what you should know about our financial aid program.

 In the 2017/18 academic year:

Do you fully understand costs vs. need and what types of aid are included in the aid package you might be considering? These questions and answers may be helpful in understanding your aid and costs.

1) Is cost calculated on a 10 month or 12 month year?

2) Do they include work-study earnings as part of the aid estimate?

3) Do they list parish and diocesan support in the aid estimate?

4) What figures are used in estimating cost of attendance? Ours include:

5) How are costs adjusted based on house members? Rent, health insurance, utilities, food, etc?

6) What percentage of their graduating class typically has incurred student loan debt while in seminary?

If you feel called to the School of Theology and wish to become a member of this community of scholars and learners, let us look at any offers you may have received from other seminaries and help you compare funding against costs.

More information about financial aid and tuition may be found here.