Prospective Students

Types of Aid

There are two basic types of need-based financial assistance available through the Office of Financial Aid to help students meet the cost of their education: gift aid and self-help programs (loan and work).

Gift Aid

Gift aid includes grants and scholarships; they do not have to be repaid. Beyond any scholarship you may receive through the admission process your award may include grant money whenever guidelines and funding levels permit. Grants available include:

  • Federal Pell Grants. This federal program makes direct grants available to all students who are pursuing their first undergraduate degree, are citizens or permanent residents of the United States, and show eligibility according to the federal formula which applies to this grant. Qualifying family incomes and grant amounts vary from year to year, depending upon federal guidelines and appropriations.
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (SEOG). Under this program, the federal government makes funds available to the institution to award to students who have exceptional calculated need-based eligibility. This grant will be included as part of a total financial aid offer to qualified students.
  • State Grants. These grants are offered by various states for residents, are often based upon financial need, and vary in amount depending upon both federal and state appropriations for this program.
  • Sewanee Funds. These come from over 200 endowed scholarship funds, annual gifts, tuition remissions, and additional amounts budgeted from the University's operating funds.  These are awarded on the basis of calculated need-based eligibility, and applicants are automatically considered for these funds as part of the normal need-based financial aid award process.



We assume a number of our students will accept some personal financial responsibility for their education. For this reason, a federal student loan is included as part of many need-based awards. The type of loan offered depends upon level of eligibility.


Sewanee offers need-based aid recipients an opportunity to work during the academic year as part of taking responsibility for the financing of their education.

Over 500 job opportunities are available for students in administrative offices, academic departments, the University library, and numerous other campus locations. Some positions are offered with off-campus, non-profit agencies in addition to community service positions.

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